Submission Requirements - State Preparation

This is a reminder of the submission requirements for the Log-Normal State Preparation Problem.

  • Use at most 10 qubits, split as state and auxiliary as needed.
  • Use any continuous mapping between the state vector domain D to the distribution domain (i.e. the discretization).
  • The target distribution error should be < 0.01 , where the metric is the L2 norm and values outside the state-vector domain are assumed to be zero.
  • Note which discretization you used.
  • Note which qubits are prepared and which are auxiliary.

I can’t submit the actual error. The form wants an integer. The error is displayed, saved, on the notebook, though.

Thanks for letting us know. We will revise the form

Let me know if I’ll need to resubmit or if you’ll be able to look at and/or run the notebook.

If you wouldn’t mind, let me know what the accuracy was and I’ll update it in the database of submissions

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I just messaged it to you, thanks.

and, BTW, we fixed the form

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